Golf on the Edge 2: Q School Complete

A second book to finish the story begun in Golf on the Edge: the Triumphs and Tragedies of Q School. Written by sportswriter and journalist, Ross Biddiscombe, Golf on the Edge 2 completes the story of the Q School.


The creation of the Qualifying School in 1976 was one of the key developments in the life of the PGA European Tour, but it is an event that has been hidden away in the shadows of golf�s history almost ever since. When it came into existence, the Q School played a significant role in lifting European golf to the remarkable levels of credibility and financial excellence that it enjoys in the 21st century. For more than 30 years, the PGA European Tour Qualifying School has been the launch-pad for the careers of some of the greatest golfers in the world � Montgomerie, Harrington, Olazabal, Goosen, Lyle, Woosnam, Singh and many more. But the three decades of the event is also littered with broken dreams, shattered egos and distressed players forced to leave the pro ranks altogether because the Q School hurdle is too high for them to clear. A single book cannot capture the drama of all those players and all those tournaments, but two is just enough. In Golf On The Edge: Triumphs & Tragedies Of Q School, Ross Biddiscombe focused on the stories of just seven key pros in their quest for glory. In Golf On The Edge 2: Q School Complete, Ross spreads his net wider and captures the emotional episodes and fascinating insights of the great and the good, plus the tall tales of the horrid and the hopeless. In short, GOTE2 really does provide completion for golf fans enthralled by Q School.

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